Video allows you to deliver your unique message in a cost-effective and engaging manner. Moore Consulting specializes in creating videos for web, corporate, training and broadcast markets. We work together with our clients to identify target markets and craft a message that will inspire and motivate your audience.


Having produced hudreds of videos, our client base includes Fortune 500 companies, television advertising agencies, hospitals, and numerous local and national companies from almost every product and service category imaginable. We handle the entire process from concept to completion including script writing. Our goal is customer satisfaction at affordable prices.





Online marketing is the best way to reach new customers, and having a web-video as part of your message will help you stand out from the competition. Moore Consulting can help you reach and motivate new clients with affordable video content designed to enhance your existing web presence. Our customized web-video solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and support your current marketing strategy.

Complete video packages include shooting, scripting, editing, professional voice-over and graphics.

Studies show that when standard web content is enhanced with video, online visitors stay longer and click further into site architecture. Best of all, adding video content can improve the user experience and deliver more traffic without the hassle of rebuilding your whole website.

Online video is the next wave in Internet marketing. Contact the experts at Moore Consulting and find out how we can help you stand out from the competition.
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